About Faculty Association
The FACULTY ASSOCIATION is an independent body registered under the Karnataka Societies Act.

Its Aims and Objectives are:

(a) to promote academic excellence and professional brotherhood among members of the Association;

(b) to promote effective faculty participation in the formulation and implementation of policies of the Indian Institute of Science in the context of national aspirations as appropriate to the premier national institute of teaching and scientific research;

(c) to participate in the development of appropriate teaching methods and improve teaching standards so as to contribute to rapid national development;

(d) to promote the development of science in all its aspects and to work for the most effective use of scientific research and the scientific method for the uplift and welfare of society as a whole;

(e) to preserve, protect and promote the interests, rights, privileges, recognition, advancement, as well as the professional and social status of members;

(f) to co-operate, federate or affiliate itself with fraternal national and international associations with similar aims and objectives

(g) to promote any other activity as would contribute to the effective realization of the aims and objectives of the Association.